About EMK Clutter Control

The idea of living a simple life with less stuff sounds attractive to many people. But it can be an overwhelming and anxious feeling with the idea of owning less.

Learning how to declutter your home and as a result, also decluttering your life, doesn’t need to be as painful as it sounds. And the benefits are numerous.

A few words from the owner, Carla.

It's interesting how things happens in our lives. A few years ago I would not even imagining I could be doing this. Please allow me to tell you how I started in this field.

I have great cleaning skills and I used to clean houses for living, I eventually got some little tasks done organising cupboards, pantries for my clients. Everything actually started many years ago when my life changed drastically with the loss of a family member and fell into depression. One of my grieving problems was not been able to do as much housework as I used to. As the time went past, my family and friends addressed my issues and helped me out. I started to get better and I went from having a disaster house to be very tidy and organized in absolutely everything. I was decluttering every corner of my house, draws cupboards, bedroom by bedroom. I did not have any idea I had so many things and how unorganized I was. By now I am very happy with my place & life and I am keeping everything so simple and tidy. It was not easy but today I can only feel happy and proud.

Since this organizing fever came to my life I just cannot stop it. I love doing this and helping people who need my services.

I know how you feel, please let me help you.

Thank you so much..