Our Services - Home Decluttering, Organizing, & Cleaning Help

Carla's Personalised Service

Carla is the owner of EMK Clutter Control. She is very patient and will work closely with you to achieve your goals. Some people may prefer to work with an individual rather than many people.

Whether is just cleaning or organizing your pantry or your entire house, even housekeeping tasks please don’t hesitate to give us a call for a free quote. Discounts are available for scheduling recurrent visits or buying blocks of hours. Please contact us for more information.

Service area

Servicing mainly in Stanhope Gardens and surround Western Sydney regions.

Our Packages

Organizing spaces, minor decluttering

(Min. booking 3 hours, $70 p/h)

Whether is cleaning / organizing / decluttering your wardrobe or your entire house: I can absolutely help you!

We can arrange/ re-arrange your space appropriately or give a quick touch of style to it (e.g. for Real Estate inspections).

We can organize and clean up your kitchen cupboards / pantry / bedrooms, things will be easy to find and hard to make messy.

We will give suggestions and leave you some home work to do to make a routine of how to maintain things organized.

Free 30 minutes for evaluating and planning the task.

Major Decluttering

(Min. booking 4 hours, $70 p/h)

Letting go of things is not always easy.. We have all been there, let us help you go through the whole process. We can go through this in a way that you will feel comfortable and confident to let things go and then set up a time frame to do everything together.

We will tidy up your space, donate some items and finally dispose the clutter (Separate fees apply for rubbish disposal)

Free 30 minutes for evaluating and planning the task.

This will require one or two visits per week for a period of time depending of the clutter accumulated.

Moving in, moving out

(Min. booking 3 hours, $70 p/h)

We can help you in planning your moving, go through your items and declutter in the process of packing.

We can carefully pack up your items and once you are in your new home I could help you to unpack and arrange everything in place.

We can organize a truck according to your budget. (Separate fees apply)

Organize things for donation or sale.

Cleaning up the empty house.

Home cleaning solutions ($70 p/h)

Piles of washing, folding and ironing.

House cleaning.

Sorting and cleaning your fridge, kitchen cupboards.

Any housekeeping duties.

Whether it is one of these tasks or all of them, we can do it all in one day

Time Management

(Min. booking 2 hours, $70 p/h)

Be more productive and get more time for yourself.

Piles of washing, folding and ironing.

Your desk “declutter to be productive”

Your priorities “quick look at your immediate goals and progress towards them”

Your laptop.

Your overwhelmed agenda.

Your social media time.

Discipline and routine.

Focusing on the essentials.