Home Decluttering, Organizing, & Cleaning Help

Why do we need to de-clutter our lives?

We don’t realize how much stuff we have until we need to search for something around the house or find space to fit more stuff. We are surprised by how much we can enjoy our homes when only things we love surround us. After decluttering, there is always a surprising feeling of liberation when we take back control.

Decluttering is not a favourite task for most of us and is frequently postponed until more and more stuff piles up, and you can no longer get your head around it. Imagine what it would feel like to get your decluttering project done with ease? Let us help..

Save money and time!

We can help you discover the things you truly need and want, and make it easy for you to find them rather than buying more stuff. By being organised and living with less clutter, you know what you need and have and are less likely to buy more.


  • Nikki M.
    Excellent service provided by Carla. Highly recommended.  
    Nikki M.
  • Kopal M.
    Appreciate for going above and beyond with decluttering. Very organised and helpful. Completed the task very well and finished from decluttering to packing my apartment. Very pleasing and smiling always.
    Kopal M.
  • Giles G.
    Fantastic Job Carla! Carla was thorough with her work and respectful of our belongings. Put great throught into making sure the sorting made sense for us. Thanks Carla.
    Giles G.
  • Maria S.
    On time, did what she was asked beautifully and is it so so lovely.. Will definitely call on Carla again..
    Maria S.
  • D.D.
    Carla did a good job, will definitely engage Carla again in future.  
  • Nicole S.
    Beautiful trustworthy lady that did a very professional job and also so nice to have someone come that loved my dogs as well. Thanks Carla I would highly recommend you.
    Nicole S.
  • Jayne B.
    Carla was wonderful, cleaned and sorted in a logical and effective way. Nothing was too much trouble. Thank you, Carla. I would highly recommend you.
    Jayne B.
  • Jennifer S
    Carla was excellent and would definitely recommend her to anyone. She was very detailed and made very good suggestions.
    Jennifer S
  • Yaqhn F
    Excellent Work. Will hire again.
    Yaqhn F
  • Sallie P.
    Thank you for your help Carla
    Sallie P.
  • Se D.
    Really appreciated the time and effort from CPR.
    Se D.
  • Stuart
    Carla is a very professional reliable cleaner. Carla manages the cleaning of our airbnb cottage and main house. This involves the cleaning of both buildings, the changing of linen for all bedding and laundry of the linen and towels. Carla is self motivated and does not have to be supervised. You can trust her to complete the job to a high standard.